Morro Calzada

View of Morro de Calzada from Rioja, directly to the north.
View of Morro de Calzada from the south.
This isolated mountain is home to many of the plants that we find on the uplands to the west and others with phytogeographic connections elsewhere. We are sampling this small mountain to provide information on species diversity and rarity. Building interest and respect for the environment is a challenge. In the future, a plan calls for labeling representative trees along the trails on the Morro and providing information, including color photographs of rare and endangered species.

Entrance to the Reserva del Morro de Calzada

Plaza de Armas in Calzada: 850 m
Top of the Morro Calzada: 1400 m
Area of Morrro Calzada: 762 hectares

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