Images of Alto Mayo Habitats and Plant Species

Facing southeast from the Mirador (ca. 2000 m) near Venceremos at the northwestern boundary of the Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo
Primative but passable bridge which allows taxis from Rioja to reach Naciento Río Negro, a town growing on the edge of the Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo.
The village of Naciento Río Negro, as it appeared in 1996. Over the last three years, the population has doubled to nearly 500 people, most under 16 years of age. The Bosque de Protección has now been denuded for miles in each direction.

One of the first trees to be eliminated is Croton lechleri [Euphorbiaceae], common name, dragon's blood or "sangre de dragón" which is used in folk medicine; its bark is in high demand in local markets.

Pressing herbarium samples between Naciente Río Negro and Vista Allegre.

Schefflera pentandra [Araliaceae]

Close-up of Schefflera inflorescence and flowers.

Clusia species [Clusiaceae]

Close-up of Clusia flower. The sticky, yellow stigma of the female flower that captures and holds the potential pollinator.

A second Clusia species [Clusiaceae]. Note ring of staminodia.

Ocotea species [Lauraceae]. The swollen receptacle is edible by birds and wildlife when mature. The fruits which are similar to small avocados are rich in fats and oils. Other genera with similar fruits are pictured below.

Grias peruviana Miers [Lecythidaceae]
Eschweilera decolorans Sandwith (Sánchez et al. 8988)

Marcgravia macrophylla [Marcgraviaceae]
Souroubea didyma (Wittm.) Gilg (Sánchez et al. 9022)

Virola species [Myristicaceae]

Passiflora species [Passifloraceae]

Gurania acuminata Cogn. [Cucurbitaceae] [Male (left) and female (right) inflorescences.

Pachira sp. (Bombacaceae) ~ [Sánchez et al. 9480]

Fruit [Sánchez et al. 9480]

Centropogon species (Campanulaceae)

Clavija macrocarpa Ruiz & Pav. (Theophrastaceae)

Herrania nitida {vel sp. aff.} (Sterculiaceae) ~ [Sánchez et al. 8582]

Herrania flowers with filamentous sepals [Sánchez et al. 8582]

Voyria aphylla (Jacq.) Pers. (Gentianaceae)

Close-up of flower (Voyria aphylla ~ Gentianaceae)

Talauma sp.nov. (Magnoliaceae) ~ [Sánchez et al. 9338]
Digomphia densicoma (Mart. ex DC.) Pilger [Sánchez et al. 9340]

Ravenia biramosa Ducke

Columnea species (Gesneriaceae)

Macbrideana peruviana Standley (Rubiaceae)

StylocerasPenninervium Gentry & Aymard
[Sánchez et al. 9540]

Male florets [Sánchez et al. 9540]

Fruit cross-section revealing seeds [Sánchez et al. 9540]

Fruits [Sánchez et al. 9540]

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