Taxonomic Specialists

Over the period of this project, many taxonomic specialists have been kind enough to provide determinations of the plants collected during the expeditions to the Bosque de Protección de Alto Mayo. These identifications are invaluable in calculating diversity and endemism in the flora of this area. Their contribution is acknowledged. The acronyms for the herbaria associated with these botanists are found in parenthesis.

C. Aedo (MA), P. Acevedo-Rodriguez (US), W. Alverson (F), W. R. Anderson (MICH), L. Andersson (GB), H. Ballard Jr. (SHO), R. Barneby (NY), G. Barriera (G), C. C. Berg (BG), P. Berry (WIS), J. Brandbyge (AAU), W. Burger (F), R. Callejas (HUA), N. Cellinese, A. Chanderbali (MO), H. Chanderbali (MO), E. Christenson, T. Cochrane (WIS), T. Croat (MO), D. Daly (NY), Wm. D'Arcy (MO), G. Davidse (MO), P. Delprete (NY), S. Dressler (FR), U. Eliasson (GB), B. Eriksen (GB), R. B. Faden (US), H. Foerther (MSB), R. Foster (F), D. Frodin (K), R. Gereau (MO), E. Hágsater (AMO), B. F. Hansen, A. Henderson (NY), N. Hensold (F), A. Hofreiter (M), L. Lohmann (MO), B. Holst (SEL), D. M. Johnson (OWU), J. Kallunki (NY), S. Knapp (BM), W. J. Kress (US), J. Kuijt (LEA), T. G. Lammers (F), A.J.M. Leeuwenberg, S. Leiva (HAO), B. Leon, J. Lombardi (BHCB), A. Lourteig (P), C. Luer (MO), J. Luteyn (NY), H. Luther (SEL), P. Maas (U), J. D. Mitchell (NY), S. Mori (NY), M. Nee (NY), T. D. Pennington (K), J. R. Pirani (SPF), A. Prather (MSC), L.P. Queiróz (HUEFS), S. Renner (MO), N. Robson (BM), N. W. Sawyer (CONN), P. Sklenár (PRC), L. Skog (US), A. Smith (UC), S.F. Smith (US), M. Sousa-Peña, B. Stahl (GB), C. Taylor (MO), N. Taylor (K), W. Thomas (NY), C. Todzia (TEX), H. van der Werff (MO), D. Wasshausen (US), G. L. Webster (DAV), M. Wilmot-Dear (K), J. Wurdack (US), D. Yu (GH), and D. Zappi (K)

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