Jalca Formations of Piura

The village of Canchaque lies in the upper reaches of the Rio Pusmalca in the Department of Piura. Above Canchaque one can encounter the jalca formations in the Province of Huancabamba. After crossing over to the village of Huancabamba (514'S, 7927'W), the road goes directly north and up the valley of the Rio Huancabamba. After reaching the village of Salpalache, the road deteriorates and the jalca is only accessable by road during the dry season. After crossing the abra, the road runs northeast, eventually descending to Namballe, near the border with Ecuador.

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provided by
NSF (2000-2003)

Images from the jalca formations above Huancabamba, Piura (2003)

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Above Huancabamba along the valley of the Rio Huancabamba enroute to Salpalache.

Road between Huancabamba and Salpalache.

Siphocampylus near Salpalache. Orchidaceae Orchidaceae


Road between Huancabamba and Sapalache.

Oreopanax Oreopanax Satureja

Above Huancabamba most areas are highly disturbed and burned regularly.

Road between Huancabamba and Salpalache.

Segundio Leiva & Abundio Sagástegui on rumbo to Huancabamba
Siphocampylus near Sapalache.
Huancabamba area map.
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