Resident Taxonomic Experts

Michael O. Dillon

Curator Emeritus, Head of Flowering Plants, Department of Botany, The Field Museum

Research interests include: Systematics of Neotropical Asteraceae, Nolanae-Solanaceae; Floras of Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru; Coastal South American Ecology and Biogeography; North/South American Amphitropic Disjunctions; Páramos, Floristic Inventories; Specimen Databases; Internet Information Development in Botany.


Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (Trujillo, Peru)

The Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego is located in Trujillo, Peru (Department of La Libertad). UPAU is a private university founded in 1988 and has a current enrollment of 11,500 students. It offers an extensive undergraduate curriculum and an accredited teaching staff. The university has established a Natural History Museum which includes a herbarium with over 12,000 specimens (Herbario Antenor Orrego, HAO) and ca. 60 types. The herbarium publishes Arnaldoa, a scientific journal devoted to the natural history, primarily botany, of northern Peru.

For more information on Arnaldoa visit the PUBLICATIONS section.

Museo de Historia Natural
Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego
Av. America Sur 3145 - Urb. Monserrate
Casilla 1075
Trujillo - Peru
Telef. (51) 44-604462
Contact: UPAO Herbarium

Blgo. Segundo Leiva Gonzáles
- Director
- Investigador Asociado, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL EEUU

Mario Zapata Cruz
- Administrative Assistant & Curator

Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (Arequipa, Peru)

Blgo. Victor Quipuscoa Silvestre, Herbarium Curator
- Investigador Asociado, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL., U.S.A.


Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca (Cajamarca, Peru)

The Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca is a state university founded in 1962 and with a current enrollment of nearly 5,000 students. The Post-Graduate School (Esquela Post-Grado) was begun in 1992 and offers Master's Degrees in Natural Resources and Soil & Crop Sciences. The herbarium (CPUN) was founded in 1962 and contains over 13,000 numbers of northern Peruvian pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and phanerogams.

Dr. Isidoro Sánchez Vega (1929-2015)

Founder and Director of the Hebarium [CPUN]
Professor in the Post Graduate School, Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca.
Associate Investigator, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, USA

Apartado 55
Cajamarca, Peru

Determinations and Taxonomic Experts

The following taxonomic specialists who have identified material in our database projects, LOMAFLOR and DETBASE. † deceased.

P. Acevedo (US), F. Almeda (CAS), I. Al-Shehbaz (MO), C. Anderson (MICH), W. R. Anderson (MICH), L. Andersson †(GB), D. Austin (FAU), V. Badillo (MY), H. Balslev (AAU), R. Barneby † (NY), F. Barrie (MO), J. Beckner (SEL), T. Beliz, C. C. Berg (BG), P. Berry (WIS), L. Bohs (DUKE), B. Boom (NY), F. Borchsenius (AAU), T. Borsch (FR), J. Brandbyge (AAU), C. Burandt, R. Callejas (HUA), E. Christenson (NY), L. G. Clark (ISC), L. Constance † (UC), C. L. Cristóbal (CTES), T. Croat (MO), J. Cuatrecasas † (US), T. F. Daniel (CAS), G. Davidse (MO), K. S. Edwards (K), B. Eriksen (GB), L. A. Escobar†, R. B. Faden (US), M. Fallen, M. S. Ferrucci (CTES), H. Foerther (M), R. Fortunato (BAB), P. Fritsch (CAS), D. Frodin (K), P. Fryxell (TEX), J. Garcia-Cruz (AMO), D. Geltman (LE), A. Gentry† (MO), R. Gereau (MO), E. Gomez-Sosa (SI), S. Graham (KE), P. S. Green (K), F. Grifo, J. Grimes (NY), C. Gustafsson (GB), E. Hágsater (AMO), B. Halfdan-Nielsen (C), B. F. Hansen (USF), R. Harley (K), R. R. Haynes (UNA), W. Hekking (U), A. L. Hempel (GA), A. Henderson (NY), J. Henrich, N. Hensold, R. J. Hickey (MU), N. Holmgren (NY), B. Holst (SEL), J. W. Horn (F), R. Howard (GH), M. J. Huft (MO), H. Iltis (WIS), C. Jeffrey (K), P. Jørgensen (MO), M. L. Kawasaki (SP), S. Knapp (BM), R. Kral (VDB), A. Krapovickas (CTES), J. Kress (US), J. Kuijt (LEA), T. G. Lammers (F), L. R. Landrum (ASU), A. J. M. Leeuwenberg (WAG), B. León, G. P. Lewis (K), R. Liesner (MO), J. A. Lombardi (BHCB), A. Lourteig (P), C. Luer (MO), J. Luteyn (NY), H. Luther (SEL), P. J. M. Maas (US), J. MacDougal (MO), M. Mayfield (TEX), A. Meerow (FTG), W. Meijer (KY), J. Mickel (NY), J. Miller (MO), T. Mione (CCSU), J. Mitchell (NY), U. Molau (GB), G. Morillo (VEN), N. Moreno, M. Muñoz S. (SGO), M. Nee (NY), E. L. Norman (DLF), B. Øllgaard (AAU), M. Ono (MAK), T. M. Pedersen (CTES), T. D. Pennington (K), A. Prather (RSA), J. Pipoly (BRIT), J. S. Pringle (HAM), J. Pruski (US), K. Rahn (C), S. Renner (MO), A. Reznicek (MICH), L. Rico (NY), H. Robinson (US), N. Robson (BM), J. G. Rohwer, K. Romoleroux (QCA), R. Sanders, J. Saunders (TEX), N. Sawyer (CONN), J. Simonis (U), B. Simpson (TEX), L. E. Skog (US), A. R. Smith (UC), D.N. Smith † (MO), L. B. Smith (US), D. Soejarto (F), M. A. Spencer (US), B. Ståhl (SUNIV), R. G. Stolze (F), C. M. Taylor (MO), P. Taylor (K), C. Todzia (TEX), R. M. Tryon (USF), G. C. Tucker (NYS), B. L. Turner (TEX), C. Ulloa (MO), H. van der Werff (MO), M. Vincent (MU), D. Wasshausen (US), G. L. Webster (DAV), M. Weigend (M), A. Weitzman (US), J. Wurdack† (US), D. Zappi (K), E. Zardini (MO), F. Zuloaga (SI).


The development of ABIS has required the cooperation of many people and institutions. The ABIS databases contain specimen label information from Field Museum herbarium collections, current collecting expeditions, and from records captured during visits to numerous herbaria. The curators and staff of the following herbaria are acknowledged: A, BM, CAS, CONC, CPUN, F, GH, HAO, HUT, K, MAK, MA, MO, NY, PRG, SGO, UC, US, USM.

The construction and maintenance of ABIS has been made possible by the following individuals who are acknowledged for their support. They have provided specimens, participated in collecting expeditions, entered data, provided digital information or images, and have helped to develop Field Museum's internet connectivity: J. Cadle, E. Cerrate, M. Chanco, N. Cummings, C. Díaz, D. Dillon, D. Dowdy, R. Dorfman, T. Duncan, M. Ellinger, R. Feldman, R. Ferreyra, S. Hamnik, J. Haas, N. Hensold, G. Jackson, J. Koeppl, K.T. Kong, P. Lowther, G. Montenegro, M. Moseley, N. Munn, M. Muñoz S., M. Nakazawa-Tago, M. Ono, B. Palma, V. Poblete, F. Robinson, P. Rundel, J. Santisteban, S. Teillier, C. Trujillo C., T. Vicari, G. Webster, J. Weinstein, and M. Zapata.

We thank Drs. Bruce Patterson and David Willard (Zoology Department, Field Museum) for their kind assistance with the nomenclature of zoological records.

Funding for project field activities has come from several sources. We acknowledge the support of the National Geographic Society Grants entitled: The Botanical Response of Andean Desert Lomas Formations to the 1982-83 El Niño Meteorological Perturbation, Floristic Inventory of the Montane Forests of Northern Peru and Floristic Inventory of the Bosque de Protección del Alto Mayo. The National Science Foundation supported portions of the research on the lomas formations with BSR 8513205: Biogeography and Evolution of the Lomas Formations of Peru and Chile and NSF-SGER Grant: Botanical Collecting and Ecological Observations in Coastal South American Deserts during the 1997-1998 ENSO Event.

Special thanks go to Dr. Helen Beiser for her support and encouragement in the initial phases of implementation.

Webpage Design and Development

Activities related to ABIS were aided much by the Museum Informatics Project at the University of California at Berkeley. The MIP staff provided technical support and encouragement in the development of the ABIS home page. Specifically, Tom Duncan [ex-Director of MIP] provided help with the initiation and maintenance of ABIS in the 1990s. In 1994, ABIS was migrated to its current domain.

We wish to thank Paul Zahnle at NuroTec Consulting for the graphic designs presented here and for his encouragement and technical support over the last year. Mr. Zahnle came to the Field Museum as a volunteer in our bar-coding project and during his tenure as a volunteer has helped on diverse projects. His participation on this web site has been instrumental to its design and development.


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