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This gallery provides images of plants distributed in the Andes of Peru and Chile. You may browse the families individually via the plant families index page or by moving back and forth though the families alphabetically, beginning with the Acanthaceae.

Index to Plant Familes

Alphabetical Listing

Detailed Family Treatments

Various families within the Central Andes have been the object of detailed investigations and description of new species. The results of field and laboratory studies are here referenced and links to relevent publications provided.



Tribal Classification and Diversity in Peruvian Asteraceae

New combinations in Luciliocline (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae)

Discussion of South American Gnaphalieae (Asteraceae)

Adiciones del Asteraceae Peruana

Nuevos registros de Asteraceae para la flora de Perú

New Records: larger images of herbarium sheets

Liabeae (Asteraceae) Pps 175-180 ~ Download pdf



Ecology of Coastal Bromeliaceae
of Chile & Peru

Tillandsia from the Atacama Desert


Griseliniaceae - Family Description



Nolana Revisionary Studies

Nolana Herbarium Collections

Nolana Type Photographs

Recent Additions to the Andean Flora

This listing is presented in an effort to keep workers appraised of new taxa being described from the Andes of South America. We also provide a listing of new records to the Peruvian flora subsequent to the publication of the Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Peru (Brako & Zarucchi 1993). Our interests are focused on the Peruvian flora but we are interested in the biodiversity of the Andes in general. Anyone wishing to submit titles of publications with original descriptions of Andean plants may do so via email connection provided.


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