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Flora and vegetation of
Pan de Azúcar National Park
in the Atacama of Northern Chile

En: Moraes R., M., B. Øllgaard, L. Peter Kvist, F. Borchsenius & H. Balslev (Eds.)
Botánica Económica de los Andes Centrales. Herbario Nacional de Bolivia,
Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz.

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Index to Botánica Económica de los Andes

Dillon, M.O. 2006. Nuevos registros de Asteraceae para la flora de Perú -
New records in the Asteraceae flora of Peru.
Arnaldoa 13(2): 314-317.

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~ larger images of herbarium sheets ~

Funk, V.A., H. Robinson, & M.O. Dillon. 2007. Liabeae (Asteraceae) Pps 175-180.
In: K. Kubitzki & J.W. Jeffrey (Eds.), Flowering Plants. Eudicots Asterales Series:
The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants. Vol. 8., 635 p., 131 illus.,
Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-31050-1Springer Verlag, Berlin.

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Dillon, M.O., M. Nakazawa, & S. Leiva. 2003.
The Lomas Formations of Coastal Peru: Composition and Biogeographic History.
Pp. 1-9. In: Haas, J. & M.O. Dillon (eds.) "El Niño in Peru: Biology
and Culture Over 10,000 Years." Fieldiana: Botany, N.S. 43, publ. 1524.

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Dillon, M.O. 2005. Solanaceae of the Lomas formations
of Coastal Peru and Chile. Pp. 131-155.
In: Hollowell, V., T. Keating, W. Lewis & T. Croat (eds.),
"A Festschrift for William G. D'Arcy: The Legacy of a Taxonomist".
Mono. Syst. Bot. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 104.

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Eudicots Asterales Series: The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants
Vol. 8, Kadereit, J.W.; Jeffrey, C. (Eds.) 2007, XII, 635 p.,
131 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-31050-1

Herbarium Areqvipense - HUSA

A new webpage for the Botany Department at the Universidad Nacional
de San Agustin (Arequipa, Peru) developed by DIBIOS, an organization
dedicated to the study of regional biological diversity.


Diversidad Florística del Norte de Perú
Tomo II - Bosques Montanos

The second in series in Spanish,
treating the flora of the montane forests of
northern Peru, illustrating flowering plant
diversity in seven departments. Over 75 families
are illustrated with full- page color photographs
of habitats, plant habit and flower close-ups.

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