Northern Peru
February/March 1998


El Niño Storms in Northern Peru (10 Feb 1998)

On the afternoon of 10 February 1998, a storm or series of storms passed over the coastal desert in the region north of Trujillo, Peru. The clouds moved from northwest to southwest and dropped an undisclosed amount of rain. The photograph above was taken from the base of Cerro Cabezón [07°54'S, 79°05'W] and shows a rain cloud directly over Cerro Campana [07°58'S, 79°06'W]. The runoff and flooding caused by this storm was responsible for cutting the Pan American Highway in several places north of Trujillo, flooding of Huanchacito; and,the following day (11Feb 98) led to the bursting of an earthen dam north of Trujillo causing the flooding of the Mampuesto cemetery.

The following days saw the water rise in the earthen dam and on 11 February 1998, the dam gave way and washed through the Mampuesto Cemetery. Caskets can be seen protuding from the exposed earth. Many were washed away to flot down the streets of Trujillo.


Photo Credit: La Industria, N°37437, page A10, 12 February 1998.

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