Checklist of the Vascular Flora
of the Peruvian & Atacama Deserts

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The collection of specimen label data was supported, in part, by grants from the National Science Foundation
DEB 0415573, DEB 9801297, DEB 8513205, and National Geographic Society. Synonymy for Peruvian species largely
follows Brako & Zarucchi (1993) and for Chilean species, Marticorena & Quezada (1985).

Images of herbarium sheets from a reference collection of lomas plants at Field Museum were scanned
and associated with appropriate database records. In a few instances, images of significant herbarium sheets
from other institutions have been posted. This site is actively under development. 21 December 2010.



Michael O. Dillon
Curator Emeritus
The Field Museum
Chicago, Illinois 60605, USA

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