Nolana Systematics

Nolana salsoloides

CHILE: 25░24'S - 27░53'S latitude

Nolana salsoloides (Lindl.) Johnst.

Contrib. Gray Herb. 112: 62. 1936.

Dolia salsoloides Lindley, Bot. Reg. 30: sub tab. 46. 1844. TYPE: Chile, [probably north of Coquimbo, 1825], Macrae s.n. (lectotype, CGE; isolectotype, K-Herb. Benth.).

General Distribution: Northern coastal Chile.

Lomas Distribution: [6 sites] Taltal-Hueso Parado; Cerro Perales; Esmeralda; Pan de Az˙car; Caleta Obispito; Copiapo-Carrizal.

Life Form: Shrubs.

Herbarium Sheet

Nolana salsoloides
Dillon et al. 5485

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